Privacy Policy 

We will not disclose your data to third parties for marketing until or unless you officially permit us to do so. Greenvalley will only use your data by this privacy policy. We regard the confidentiality of your personally identifiable information as a fundamental social value. We believe that our customer and their confidential data are both significant assets. We record and store data on computers secured by technologically advanced security protocols. Third parties are to verify and validate our privacy laws. Our aim of acquiring any data is to enhance your shopping experience at Greenvalley. We continuously assure that the existing data we retrieve is essential for fulfilling goals ethically. Our intention in collecting any information is to:

  1. Add to our records
  2. Enhance our services to you.
  3. Detecting and preventing fraud.
  4. Improve your buying experience.
  5. Provide the items or products correctly.

Any data or information details you share with us are safe with us. However, we may disclose your respective data outside the network of our e-stores if we think the law requires such disclosure.

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