Nivea Fresh Cherry Deodorant For Women Spray 150 ml


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NIVEA Fresh Cherry Antiperspirant for Women is a unique formula that revives you with a fresh, indulging fragrance of juicy cherries. Formulated with a reliable 48hour anti-perspirant protection and infused with a pleasant scent, NIVEA Fresh Cherry leaves your skin feeling clean and dry while keeping away sweat and body odour. At NIVEA we?ve got a vast selection of soaps, shower gels, bath additives, deodorants, creams, lotions, milks and a lot more. If you?re looking for products to help improve the healthy look or glow of your skin, we?ve got you covered! Take a look now and discover the ideal NIVEA product for your needs and preferences. We have products for both men and women including shaving items and deodorants for all of your personal hygiene requirements. NIVEA, a hundred years of skincare for life!

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