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Green Tea Pure
Jasmine Romance
Mint Mystique
Lemon Vitality
Combining specially-selected Chinese teas with pure jasmine blossoms, dried lemon peel and spearmint leaves, we proudly present four memorable green teas to delight your palate.

For each of these blends, our Tea Masters start with a base of delicious green teas sourced from China?s Jiangxi, Anhui and Zhejiang provinces. This area is known as the ?Golden Triangle? of green tea production, due to the high quality of its output. We include premium Chun Mee leaf and tips in the blend, a tea prized for its toasted grass flavour and light nutty notes. Ours is harvested in the early spring when the tea has a more delicate, sweet flavour. At this stage, the blend is our Green Tea Pure ? the perfect expression of delicate green tea enriched with the unique character of Chun Mee.

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