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Fresh, hygienic and variety are the words to go by at Greenvalley. We have best cuts of Beef, Mutton, nicely made Poultry and wonders of the underworld at our Fishery section. This section includes items such as

  • Fresh Meat
      • Mutton Leg
      • Mutton Shoulder
      • Mutton Ribs
      • Mutton Mix
      • Beef Leg Boneless
      • Beef Ribs

  • Processed Meat
      • Chicken Wings
      • Beef Mince
      • Chicken Qorma
      • Whole Chicken Skinless

  • Frozen Items
      • Fish Fillets
      • Prawns
      • Minced Meat
      • Chicken Breast

  • Fish
      • River Fish
      • Sea Fish
      • Crabs
      • Lobster
      • Prawns

  • Marinated Range
      • Chicken Tikka
      • Chicken Seekh Kebab
      • Chicken Kofta
      • Chicken Leg Piece
      • Fish Cuts

Butchers prepare meat, poultry and fish for purchase by cutting up, trimming carcasses and large sections into consumer-sized pieces, which they package, weigh, price, and place on display. Moreover, they also prepare ground meat from other cuts and fill customers’ special orders.